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Burger Night! June 8, 2010

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Sometimes a gal just needs a big ole burger!

When Anna invited me over for a burger, I hopped on the train so fast, I almost flew to the beach.

After much wine, gardening, chatting and playing on the computer, we realized what time it was, almost 9 pm.  Anna was slightly in favor of skipping dinner altogether, but I started whinging, because, darn it, I need a burger!

About 10 minutes later, ahhhh.  Meat…..

Ah, success. The wine helped.

Naturally it tasted a lot better that it looks here.  A whole wheat bun, toasted a bit, topped with a perfect medium-medium rare burger from meat we ground ourselves.  A layer of melted blue-jack cheese and sprinkled liberally with crunchy onions.  The garnishment:  a slab of heirloom tomato, a slice of sweet Vidalia onion, and a tangy leaf of mustard greens from the garden, picked moments before eating.   What could be better?

Oh yes, with that burger a lot of great red wine.

Rabbit Ears collage

Maybe too much wine…